The Dreads is the name of the Protagonist group lead by Stan and Craig. It was a unnamed "group" for a long time and was referred to as "The Boys" but was eventually named and became an actual group when most of the boys were 11 (2013).


The Boys had all known eachother since they were born, as a "legacy" from their parents, who became friends in Preschool, and wanted to make their kids do the same when they are born. The Boys shared the same nursery, lived on the same street and the same classes (4th and 8th grade). Eventually, they named the group "The Dreads" and was ran by Stan and Craig, the oldest and third oldest members.

Members (Oldest to Youngest)

Stan Marsh (Leader)

Nix Jefferson (Daredevil and Party Planner)

Craig Tucker (Leader)

Kyle Brofloski (Co leader, appointed by Stan)

Kenny McCormick (Motivator)

Token Black (Intelligence)

Lenny Smith (Member)

Clyde Donovan (Co Leader, appointed by Craig)

Skip Javeed (Siren)

August Javeed (Danger Senser)

Tweek Tweak (Member)

Eric Cartman (Member)

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