Stanley "Stan" Marsh is the main protagonist of the Fanon Series and leader of The Dreads, and is also the oldest member. Stan has the biggest role in the series, and stars in most of the stories.


Stan seems pretty caring for his family and friends, and is very likely to defend them in the event of danger and will atleast try to protect what he cares about. The romantic side of Stan usually is interested in Kenny or Kyle, and Stan also doesn't hesitate to attack Jimmy mainly due to Jimmy's hatred towards others.


Stan appears with a blue and red hat, a brown button jacket, red gloves, and blue jeans. He is one of the many Caucasian characters in the series.


Kyle: Stan is the closest to Kyle, and even appointed him as the Co Leader of The Dreads, and is romantically interested in him in NPLASPP and SP TWD. Kyle, along with Kenny, help him the most during his loss of consciousness after his fight with Jimmy during Unexpected Change.

Kenny: Kenny and Stan have a pretty good friendship, and sometimes even romantic relationships. Kenny and Stan are often seen interacting, and is helped by Kenny and Kyle when he is unconscious in Unexpected Change.

Cartman: Stan and Cartman obviously do not get along, and Stan isn't directly sociable with Cartman, though will talk to him or instruct/order him to stop doing something if it involves others or a similar reason.

Craig: Stan and Craig seem to be on neutral terms. Their full relationship is random, and Craig occasionally attempts to become the only leader, claiming he should have been the full leader of the Dreads. In Riot, Craig murders both Kyle and Kenny in front of Stan, and leaves him to die. Stan and Token are able to defeat Craig's rebel group, and Lenny (Who killed Clyde earlier) shoots both Stan and Craig, which ends with both Lenny and Craig dead from the scuffle.

Nix: Stan and Nix do not interact alot, when they do, they seem to be pretty good friends, and Nix prefers Stan over Craig. In Riot, Stan tries his best to calm down and stop Nix when he found him with a gun, about to shoot himself, but failed and witnessed his friend commit suicide.

Lenny: Stan and Lenny seem to have a stained friendship, although Stan doesn't hate him and cares about him, especially when he dies (Except for in Riot, obviously) however Stan isn't hesitant to fight him during Riot after he shoots and kills Clyde, and is also shot himself towards the end along with Craig (Except Stan survives) and Craig headshots Lenny and dies afterwords.

Jimmy: Stan and Jimmy seem to truly hate each other, considering Jimmy attempts to kill Stan and/or other Dread members, Stan fights with him three times (During Unexpected Change, Lunch Fight and Riot) and kills him in Unexpected Change and Riot. Jimmy leads his own gang, and plans to destroy the Dreads by killing, torturing, raping and eating the members. Stan doesn't usually win fights against Jimmy, as he can easily bring down Stan and the entire Dread members with his strength, but is still human, and vulnerable as normal.







Paranormal Activity (Starring)

NPLASPP (Starring)

The Walking Dead (Starring)

Hostage Short

Choking Short

Unexpected Change (Starring)

Scary Campfire Stories

Kyle's Birthday Short

Lunch Fight Short

Riot (Starring)

Apparation (Starring)

Romantic Pairings

Stenny (Stan and Kenny) Appearances: Paranormal Activity, NPLASPP, Unexpected Change

K2 (Stan and Kyle) Appearances: NPLASPP, The Walking Dead

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