James "Jimmy" Lucas is the main Antagonist of the Fanon Series, and the founder and leader of The Demenders.


Jimmy is a evil, mean spirited, sadistic cannibal who loves torturing other people, however, he loves his family and his brother, Jack, follows his brother and even joined his group. Jimmy loves violence, and loves to rape, torture, and eat other children, and plots to destroy The Dreads, and his group also has these traits.


StanStan seems to be Jimmy's number one target, and also plans to rape him and devour his corpse, and he and Stan fight three times, in Unexpected Change, Lunch Fight short and Riot. Jimmy is able to defeat Stan and all of the Dread members with ease. Stan was able to kill Jimmy in Riot easily with a gun.


Kenny: Jimmy and Kenny are the only two blondes in the School, and Jimmy doesn't interact much with Kenny, but likes to call him and Stan in love (Sometimes is true) and was able to beat Kenny easily in Unexpected Change.

Cartman: While Cartman seems to be a fan of Jimmy's plots at times, Jimmy normally would never let him join The Demenders, likely due too his affiliations with Stan and the Dreads. Jimmy does, however, help Cartman, along with Craig, Clyde and Lenny, with their rebel and other plots by starting a Riot and helping them in other ways.

Craig: Jimmy doesn't interact with Craig too much, but still would kill him at some point. Jimmy does, however, help Craig, along with Cartman, Clyde and Lenny, with their rebel and other plots by starting a Riot and helping them in other ways.

Nix: Jimmy doesn't interact with Nix too much, however during Hostage short, Nix fake flirts with Jimmy and is able to convince him, however cracks Jimmy's neck and kills him easily.







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