The FanFiction series is of the TV series South Park, and it's stories are commonly labeled "South Park in:" and then the actual story title. The series "started" with South Park in Paranormal Activity. The story was pretty short, with 3 short chapters. The story did not have the custom characters in it, and a sequel story of it, No party like a south park party, was made not long after. The story was based on the first one, and was only one short chapter. The story was discontinued, and later, more stories were written and custom characters were made.


South Park in Paranormal Activity (3 Chapters, Complete) Unofficial Pilot

No Party Like a South Park Party (1 Chapter, Discontinued) Unofficial

South Park in The Walking Dead (3 Chapters, Discontinued) Unofficial

South Park in: Hostage Short (Complete) Unofficial

South Park in: Choking Short (Complete) Official Pilot

South Park in: Unexpected Change (5 Chapters, Complete)

South Park in: Scary Campfire Stories (Complete)

Apparation (In Progress)

South Park in: Kyle's Birthday Short (Complete)

South Park in: Lunch Fight Short (Complete)

South Park in: Riot! (2 Chapters, Complete)

Main Characters

Stan Marsh: The most popular of the boys, he is the oldest of them, and he has the most starring roles and is the leader of The Dreads.

Kyle Brofloski: Stan's best friend, Kyle tends to have smaller role in the series but is still at high popularity among the group.

Eric Cartman: A member disliked by most characters, Cartman is considered greedy, selfish and non-sympathetic towards others, and is the youngest member of the group.

Kenny McCormick: Considered the cutest, Kenny is one of the highest role characters, and is known for his occasional attraction towards Stan.

Craig Tucker: The third oldest, Craig is the strongest of the boys and also known for major appearances in the stories. He is the other leader of The Dreads, along with Stan.

Clyde Donovan: Craig's best friend, Clyde has very small role in the series, and not to much is known about him.

Token Black: The smartest of the boys, Token uses his intelligence to get out of danger or other situations and helps advice the others.

Tweek Tweak: The most minor character in the series, Tweek is very hyper and tends to annoy the other boys with his energy and takes advantage of it.

Custom Characters:

Lenny Smith: The silent character, Lenny almost never speaks and is considered one of the strongest and bravest characters.

Nix Jefferson: The flashy and daredevil character, Nix's life worships the word "Extreme". He likes partying and doing anything that includes adrenaline.

Jimmy Lucas: The main antagonist in the series, Jimmy is NOT a member of The Dreads, and plans on destroying the group by killing all the members, and even leads his own group, The Demenders.

Skip Javeed: The siren member, he is August's twin, and he is easily scared by almost anything, causing him to freak out and hide. He also is used to get the other boys to flee.

August Javeed: The danger senser, he is Skip's twin, and is easily freaked out by even the slightest tap on his shoulder, causing him to run and hide. He senses danger very well, and is used to alert the other boys.

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