Craig Tucker is a protagonist and leader of The Dreads.

Personality Edit

Craig likes to tease, prank and roast others, and has a thing for comedy and being funny. He does react violently towards Jimmy without a doubt, probably due to his athleticism. Craig also seems to go as far as starting a rebel group and killing the Dread members in Riot, similar to the Demenders. He even killed Kyle and Kenny in cold blood, in front of Stan, and also killing Lenny for killing Clyde and fatally injuring him to.

In the Loud House Series, Craig appears to have turned into a much meaner person, who likes to bully and assault Lincoln, and harass Lynn. Clyde appears to have became his right hand man.

Relationships Edit

StanCraig and Stan have a mixed relationship, at times Craig complains that he should be the only leader, that Stan is a terrible leader. At other times, Stan tells Craig that his humor is unfunny, hurtful and annoying. Craig kills Kyle and Kenny and leaves Stan for dead in Riot, along with Cartman and Lenny. Stan recovers, with the help of Token, and eventually finds Cartman, Craig and Jimmy. Stan kills Cartman and fights with Craig, and despite Craig's strength he still struggles in the fight with Stan until he got the upper hand and before he was able to kill Stan, Lenny shot him and Stan several times until he was able to kill Lenny, but fell to the ground shortly after due to his injuries, Stan then called him a "Fucker to the end" and Craig died from blood loss later.

Kyle: Kyle's relationship with Craig is uncertain, and is likely a act of jealousy, as Craig appointed Clyde as a Co Leader of The Dreads like Stan did to Kyle. Craig, however kills him and Kenny during Riot, and Stan is left to die, but Token saves Stan and is able to get Craig killed in a act of vengeance.

Kenny: Kenny's relationship with Craig is mixed, Craig, however kills him and Kyle during Riot, and Stan is left to die, but Token saves Stan and is able to get Craig killed in a act of vengeance.

Cartman: Craig and Cartman seem to be on good terms with eachother, and both betray Stan during Riot, though of course this isn't canon. Cartman is killed by Stan, and Craig is killed by Lenny afterwords.

Nix: Craig and Nix do not really interact, although they seem to get along sometimes.

Lenny: Lenny and Craig seem to be great friends in the series. Craig feels sad when he finds out Lenny died from blood loss/infection during The Walking Dead, and later prevents him from turning. Lenny betrays both The Dreads and Craig's Rebels during Riot by killing Clyde, and later attempting to kill both Stan and Craig by shooting them, but fails to kill him in time, and dies from a shot to the head, and Craig dies from blood loss afterwords.


Clyde: Craig and Clyde seem to be great friends, like Stan and Kyle. Clyde is appointed Co Leader of The Dreads by Craig, and Craig seems heartbroken when he found out Lenny killed Clyde in Riot. Lenny later shot both Stan and Craig several times before being shot in the head by Craig, who not long after fell to the ground and later died from the blood loss.





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